What Are The Types Of Lanyards?

You may be surprised but there is more than one type of lanyard and "types" of course have different meanings. One lanyard type is about the material used which we have previously covered is our "What is a Lanyard" post. Another lanyard type can refer to the joining of the lanyard as well as the purpose, which can be a safety breakaway lanyard or a fall prevention lanyard for working at height services.

But when we refer to the types of lanyards, we mean the print style, how the design is laid out on the material and how it will be displayed to others. Our common types of lanyards are Type A, Type C and Type E. Type A is a running repeat of a design which could be cut off where the material meets the attachment like the trigger clip and the safety breakaway where as Type E will have the design such as the logo, matched up in positions. There are different varieties of a Type C lanyard like online having the design only printed on one side, but more details can be found in our guide. 

Our guide for the different lanyard types is useful for if and when you want to design your own lanyard using our online designer or you can contact our sales team to find out more!


Picture displayed above is examples of Type A lanyards