How can lanyards help to improve business efficiency and staff productivity?

A lanyard might seem like a simple thing that you just hang around your neck, but it can actually perform a wide number of tasks that can help your business to be a lot more successful.

They are used in all sorts of organisations and businesses to make the processes within them more streamlined and therefore more successful and efficient. They can impact on the ways in which staff work and how they perform and can have a direct impact on productivity levels.

Take a look at some of the important roles that lanyards can play within your organisation and see what difference they are capable of making to your business and the way in which it works.


As most lanyards are fully customisable, it is possible to adorn them with things like your company logo, taglines and your brand colours. When everyone in a team is wearing the same thing, it can help to create a sense of community and raise morale.

When this occurs, employees tend to become more productive, as their loyalty towards the business grows. When employees are happy, they also tend to work harder without even realising it, and so productivity levels can increase simply from the good mood that grows from this simple addition.

Increased exposure

All businesses are looking for new ways to reach more customers, but this can often involve lengthy and expensive processes. However, issuing all staff with lanyards can prove to be a very effective exercise in brand recognition.

Not only will they wear them around the business where customers can see them, but they will also probably wear them on the way to and from work, on the school run, and in the shops whilst picking up dinner on the way home.

This means that huge numbers of eyes will fall onto the branding that you have put on the lanyard, and it can actually reach a wider audience than many other forms of advertising, but at a fraction of the cost.


Security has to be one of the primary concerns of any business, and lanyards can also play a part in this. Lanyards are worn in order to hold or display something, and this is most commonly an identification card. This means it is much easier to identify who someone is and whether they should be where they are.

These ID cards can also form part of an access control system, meaning that only employees with the right level of clearance can access certain sensitive or even hazardous areas of the business.

In addition to identity cards, lanyards can also be colour coded to denote what position someone works in. This can make it easier for employees to identify who they need in large businesses, and it also ensures that staff, visitors and customers alike can quickly identify a manager, cleaner or first aider without much difficulty.

This all means that security within your business can be a lot slicker and can protect more people, data and property with very little effort on the part of your employees.

Time saving

As employees move through a business during the day, there are many things that they might need to help them in their task. It could be their keys, an identity card, a flash drive, a pen, a tool or even hand sanitiser, and everything will slow down or grind to a halt while they look for them.

A lanyard can ensure that all essential items are kept close at hand to ensure nothing goes missing and everything can be completed much more quickly. Each lanyard can have different attachments that can hold a variety of items, so you can choose which ones are likely to help your staff be more efficient.

Encouraging communication

In large businesses, it can be impossible to know who everybody is, and so this means that many people stay within their own teams, and things can become quite insular.

When lanyards are being worn, it is possible to see at a glance what department people work in, and it can make it easier to see their names. This can help to break down many of the barriers that can often prevent interpersonal interaction, as it can be much easier to start a conversation with someone at the watercooler if you can call them by their name.

When greater communication exists within an organisation, there is often a significant upturn in productivity. This is because there are often greater levels of collaboration between individuals and departments, meaning that more ideas are shared, and things can happen much quicker.

Visitor lanyards

Lanyards can also be given to visitors or customers as well as employees in order to make many processes more efficient. If you are running an event such as a conference or festival, it can be beneficial to hand out lanyards to all of the attendees.

This not only makes it much easier to see who everyone is, it can also help to divide people into groups, determine access levels and to track who should and should not be there.

As all of this can be achieved visually simply by wearing lanyards, it can be much easier to check people, move them around and involve them in the right activities, ensuring that more can be done and that there is less waiting around. This can help to ensure a better experience for your attendees and free up more time for your employees to be doing other things within the event.

Lanyards are humble tools that are often overlooked, but they can perform a huge number of tasks within any business.

Their versatility and flexibility means that your business has the ability to make them into anything that you want, and they can start to form the basis for important company policies for things like security, access and communication.

Improve your business with lanyards

From one small lanyard, many things can grow that will make your business a more efficient and productive place. If you're looking for business lanyards to help encourage efficiency and improve staff productivity, you can view our product range today, or if you require any further information, please contact us.

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