Lanyards As a Marketing Tool: Are They Effective?

A lanyard can often be seen as a simple and functional tool, used only to hang something around your neck, but they actually have the potential to be so much more than this. It has been found that lanyards can form a significant part of a marketing strategy, making them a very useful tool in more ways than one.

It can not only be used to form part of your branding, but it can also create a sense of identity, spread a message or just promote your website. As they are something that will probably have a great many eyes on them and are fully customisable, it is no surprise that the lanyard is becoming a popular feature within so many businesses.

In this article, we take a look at how lanyards can be used in your marketing. This includes what their benefits might be, the different places and events where you can use them and how you can use them to greatest effect in your business.


When you look at most marketing initiatives, the cost can start to mount up at an alarming rate, which can sometimes limit how much you are able to achieve. Lanyards have become important as a marketing tool because they are not only effective but can cost far less than many other alternatives.

You can have the option to fully customise them, ensuring that they convey whatever message you need them to, and all for a fraction of the cost and a much greater reach than many other techniques can offer. This means that they can prove to be effective for any business, from the biggest to the smallest, as the cost of producing them is far less prohibitive than other marketing mediums.

The greatest reach

When you devise a marketing strategy, one of the key things that you need to look at is how many people are likely to see it. You will always want to maximise the number of eyes that fall on whatever it is that you are doing, and it can be hard to find ways to get your business seen by the greatest number of people.

Lanyards are extremely popular as a marketing tool because the reach that they have is so fantastic. When you consider that everyone who works in your business, or every visitor to it needs a lanyard, then you can start to imagine how far your message will spread.

They are likely to wear them when they pop out to get lunch, they will be seen lying around at home and they are probably still around necks on the school run. This means that they can be exposed to a massive number of people, and awareness of your business can be spread constantly in a far more effective way than other more traditional methods.

No restrictions

Sometimes a marketing strategy might fail, or its reach might be compromised because it is only accessible to certain sectors of society.

A lanyard is something which can be worn by just about anyone, and because people CAN wear them, it means that they probably WILL wear them. Even as an identification badge, they are easier to wear, less likely to finish up at the bottom of the washing machine and more difficult to forget. There is nothing fiddly or complicated about them, and there is no necessary technology that could prevent some people from using them.

By having a marketing tool which is universal, your message is likely to be spread much further, and you can reach a whole new audience.

Variety of uses

One of the great things about lanyards is that they can have a great number of uses. For your employees, they might be an identification badge, or they might hold keys, fobs or door passes, but you can also make them useful for other people.

Lanyards are things which can be handed out to guests and trade shows or events or even charity functions, and if you make them useful, more people might wear them. A lanyard can be made to carry all sorts of things, so add an attachment that might make it easier to carry round hand sanitiser, torches, mirrors or anything else that could be useful, and visitors will not only wear them in the moment, but at other times as well.


One reason why lanyards now figure in so many marketing campaigns is because they are fully customisable, meaning that you can make them fit any message. You can choose not only the colour of the lanyard but also the length of it and the material that it is made from in order to fully fit in with your brand and how you want the lanyard to be used.

There is a lot of space available on a lanyard, which means that you can not only include a company logo, but also a slogan, web address or message that both the wearer and the people around them will be able to see. You might choose to have all of your lanyards made in your company colours, or you might want to produce different colours during an event to designate different roles.

You can also choose what the lanyard will hold and customise that too, meaning that there is no end to the marketing options that are on offer.

Unlike other customisable marketing tools, lanyards can be designed and produced in a relatively short amount of time, meaning that they do not need months or years of planning to make them successful and effective.

You only have to look around any public space to see how many lanyards are now being worn these days. Whether they are employees, students or visitors to an event, most people have a had a lanyard around their neck at one time or another and this wide-reaching close contact should not be overlooked. After all, something as small as a lanyard could prove to be something quite significant when it comes to promoting your business.

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