Which accessory do you need with your lanyard?

Lanyards are now becoming a common sight in many businesses, organisations, and events as they have a great number of uses. They might seem quite simple, but the accessories that go with them can make them incredibly versatile, meaning that they will work extremely well in almost any setting.

What is the lanyard for?

What might seem like a decorative piece of fabric around your neck can have many different purposes. Whether it is for holding your identification or the tools for your job, a lanyard can help to reinforce corporate identity whilst performing a number of other tasks. That is why most lanyards now have a variety of accessories to go with them, ensuring that they are useful wherever you are. If you're interested in finding out more about the uses of a lanyard, check out our expert written guide here.

ID Cards

The most frequent accessory that you might see attached to a lanyard is an ID card. This can help to identify the wearer and ensure that they are where they are supposed to be. These lanyard ID cards can show what department someone works in or what role they might hold. They can also be used as access cards for secure doors and gates or determine someone’s status, such as being a VIP, at an event.

Name badges

Name badges have been a feature of many businesses for a long time, but they are not always a practical choice. The pins and clips involved means that they can damage clothing or be easily pulled off and lost. Using a lanyard to carry a name badge means that you can still display the names and positions of your employees clearly, but in a much more practical way.


USB lanyard accessories are also proving to be incredibly popular. These are lanyards which have a USB drive incorporated into them through a special clip. Once this clip is pulled apart, the USB is released and ready to be used. This can be extremely useful in settings such as schools and colleges as teachers who are required to move from one classroom to another can still have all of their documents and presentations kept close to them without having to search at the bottom of bags.


There are a range of different clips that can be added to your lanyards to carry all sorts of useful items. In healthcare settings, lanyards can now be seen with their own bottles of sanitiser attached to them. In a place where someone will need to sanitise their hands frequently, it can save a lot of time and help to maintain the highest hygiene standards if everyone has their own sanitiser close to them at all times.


Keys can also be attached to a lanyard, to help make sure you can get where you need to go without wondering where you left them. This can also help in matters of security as there is much less chance of keys being lost, stolen, or left lying around for others to get their hands on.

Why attach accessories to your lanyard?

Adding accessories to your lanyards can make a lot of practical sense. Having the things which are important close to you at all times makes you more efficient, saves time and helps to keep everyone and everything much more secure. The versatility of lanyards accessories means you can choose what works best for your staff and your business.

Lanyards have always had a purpose, but with the right accessories they can now become multi-function tools that are essential to the smooth running of your business or organisation and can play a huge part in the safety and security of staff and visitors.

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The benefits of using custom wristbands to promote your business?

The benefits of using custom wristbands to promote your business?

There are some very clever and complicated marketing tools out there, but sometimes the best methods are the simplest ones. The trend for wearing wristbands never seems to disappear, so why not put them to use to promote your business? They can be very versatile as well as eye catching but are still able to keep your marketing costs at a minimum.

What are the Marketing Benefits?

Wristbands are something being used by everyone from beer brands to cruise lines, as they act as an effective but cool reminder of a brand that remain with you all through the day. These wristbands can be silicone or even paper bracelets which stretch over the hand to sit comfortably on the arm or are wrapped around the wrist and sealed. They come in a variety of colours, and you can add almost any design, making them a great way to promote almost any business.

Cost Effective

One of the most appealing things about these wristbands is the fact that they are extremely cost effective. Not only are they cheap to produce, but the fact also that they are light makes them easy to send through the post and allows you to give out greater quantities of them, meaning you get more marketing hits for your money than many other mediums will allow.

Increase in brand awareness

Wristbands are very effective when it comes to raising awareness about your brand. Not only will the wearer have a constant reminder of your brand, but others will see them wear it too, meaning your potential audience can be much larger than you might at first think.

Leave a long-lasting impression

Whether the wearer is sporting their wristband for a few hours or a few days, it is sure to leave a long-lasting impression. When something is seen by a person as often as it will be when in their wrist, it will stick in the mind long after they have finished wearing it. This will serve, hopefully, as a reminder of good times when they see your brand again.

Wristbands don’t go out of fashion!

Wristbands are still so popular as a marketing tool because they never go out of style. They are loved by everyone from small children to festival goers, holiday makers and many more. Unlike other promotional clothing such as t-shirts, you don’t need to worry about creating loads of different sizes, and you won’t put off people who think it does not suit them. They are incredibly versatile, so your design can match your target market, and some of the best examples can go on to become classic accessories.

Wristbands can have so many uses and have a substantial effect. Think carefully about your designs, what colours to include, the use of your logo and possibly even and inspirational message to make it stick in the mind and become something people want to wear and are even proud of. After all, your wristband could go on to become a status symbol!

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What Are The Different Types Of Lanyards?

Lanyards are a very versatile tool that can be used in multiple business sectors, for various reasons. Lanyards have been used for many years, for reasons such as security, identification, and safety, but what are the different types of lanyards?

What is a lanyard?

Lanyards have many uses and can appear differently in a variety of business sectors, but a lanyard is typically made of material straps that are most frequently connected by a safety break, allowing it to go around the neck and hold objects by the connection at the end.

If you’d like to read more about what a lanyard is, then click here for further reading.

When we refer to the types of lanyards, we mean the print style, how the design is laid out on the material and how it will be displayed to others.

Our common types of lanyards are Type A, Type C and Type E.

Type A is a running repeat of a design which could be cut off where the material meets the attachment like the trigger clip and the safety breakaway whereas Type E will have the design such as the logo, matched up in positions.

There are different varieties of a Type C lanyard like online having the design only printed on one side, but more details can be found in our guide.

Screen Printed Lanyard

A screen-printed lanyard is the perfect bulk buy option if you’re looking to promote your business too. Screen printed lanyards are lanyards that can be customised through screen printing, so you can print your business logo, or other designs on to them to mold the lanyard into your own.

Screen printed lanyards are extremely durable, therefore a great option that you should consider for your business, school, or premises. This lanyard can be customised in various colours and designs too, and are usually fitted with a safety breakaway, so its it can sit comfortably around your neck.

Custom Lanyard/Personalised Lanyard

A custom lanyard is commonly designed by users to fit whatever they may require them for, whether it be for healthcare, schools or security. Custom lanyards can feature many different designs, colours and sizes to suit their owner’s needs.

Personalised lanyards are very popular in many business sectors, mainly due to their versatility and various customisable options, including patters that can also suit seasonal events, such as Christmas and Easter.

Woven Lanyard

Woven lanyards are quite different to the previous lanyards, as the woven lanyard features a design that is directly sown into the lanyard. The designs on this lanyard are much more durable as they not printed on, but physically apart of the lanyard.

This lanyard is typically more expensive to make, however is much more durable and long-lasting. This lanyard would therefore be suitable for business sectors that require you to wear lanyards consistently and actively.

Non – Breakaway Lanyard

A non-breakaway lanyard is a lanyard that looks similar to rope, without the clip that allows the lanyard to separate. This lanyard allows a cleaner look and allows extra canvas for designs and text.

Non-breakaway lanyards are effective for business sectors that require a lot of movement, as there is no risk of the lanyard becoming loose and disconnecting, therefore it will be very hard to loose and only if misplaced.

Breakaway Lanyard

The breakaway lanyard is very similar to the non-breakaway lanyard, however, features a breakaway which allows the lanyard to be separated and become undone.

The breakaway lanyard is easier to remove and can be more accessible due to the breakaway clip, however, could become lose and fall of your person which could potentially affect your job and accessibility to certain areas of the workplace.

What materials can be used to make Lanyards?

There are many materials that can be used to make lanyards, which each hold benefits as well as drawbacks. Some of the different types of materials that can be used to make lanyards are as follows:

  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Nylon
  • Recycled Materials (Bottles and Containers)
  • Silicone
  • Fabric

Each different lanyard material may vary in durability, creativity and usability; however, every material can ensure that your lanyard serves its purpose efficiently.

What lanyard should I choose?

When it comes to choosing which lanyard is perfect for you, your workplace or business, it completely depends on your sector of work. Some lanyards can be more efficient in certain areas of work, whereas some may not which could influence your decision towards selecting the perfect type of lanyard.

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What Are The Uses Of A Lanyard?

You might commonly see a lanyard on students or visitors for identification purposes or to keep small belongings close by, but a lanyard has many uses for many different sectors! Lanyards can be plain, pre-printed or personalised which can help to maintain branding or just show off your own personal style. We will go through some of the many uses of a lanyard and the sectors they could be used in where some might surprise you.

Staff, Student and Visitors

As previously mentioned, lanyards can be used by students and visitors as well as staff for identification purposes because they will be able to access buildings at all times and provide proof on who they are since their identification will be attached and always accessible with the use of a lanyard.

Conference, Event and Festivals

In a conference, event or festival environment it can be easy to lose belongings because attendees are always "on-the go" so they use lanyards to keep important belongings like keys and tools such as small light torches. Lanyards can also be issued by organisers to give attendees access to areas which can make it feel more exclusive as well as promoting the business through the use of branded lanyards to increase brand awareness.

Public Services

Public Services such as the military, police and political parties require strict security because of the different levels of access and confidential information involved within the services. Lanyards are used to help identify the individuals who enter and leave the restricted buildings and can help to establish who has a different levels of permissions.

Film and Production

In the film and production industry the use of lanyards helps the crew members quickly gain access to areas and carry useful items which could even be a pen to take notes. The convenience of having items close by in the industry is because it is fast paced and the crew need to adapt to the demands to make sure progress is on track. 

Sports and Coaching

In sports, people such as referees, use lanyards to carry whistles as well as sports coaches because they are rarely in a position where they are settled in one place so they need to carry light items and keep them close by because of their constant use.

Medals and Award Ceremonies

Medals can be a form of specialised lanyard because the award can be attached the end of the straps of material and displays the achievement. Common use of medals are are sporting events from the Olympics to school sports days, so the participants will need to be able to carry what they have achieved with ease and this is the purpose what the lanyard brings.

Volunteering and Fundraising

Volunteers and fundraisers are known to use lanyards to show identification which can help answer questions people may have like which charity organisation they are from or fundraising for. The members of staff can show that they are part of a group raising awareness for a good cause.

Elderly Care

In elderly care, both patients and their carers can use lanyards in their daily lives. Elderly patients can use lanyards to attach alarm systems to since it will be close to hand and this can be used to alert others to an emergency. The carers use lanyards as a form of identification which can help their patients to know who they are because it will remind them with seeing a face next to a name to associate these with a person.

Personal Use

Many people might not consider to have a lanyard for personal use but with the fast-paced environment we all live in today they do become very handy to keep different belongings close to hand. These belongings could be keys, small tools or attachable hand sanitiser and face masks. Personalised lanyards which can be designed on our online designer can be used to show your style and have it suit you! Whether you add an image of a loved one or pet or add a quote that inspires you, the possibilities are endless! 

We have a range of pre-printed lanyards which you can check out below by visiting a different range! Or you can design your lanyard or ID card using or easy-to-use design tool to add a personalised or branded touch to your item!

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Why Is A Lanyard Called A Lanyard?

Ever wondered why a lanyard is called a lanyard? Lanyards have been around for a very long time, where they have served multiple purposes and been used for several different reasons. In this guide, we will run through the origins of the lanyard, and where it got its name.

How were lanyards created?

Lanyards date back a lot further than what you might think, in fact they date back to the 15th century and were originated in France, where they were originally created for combat. During this time period, lanyards were first used in the French military, where they would attach weaponry to soldiers.

Lanyards were easy to use and efficient, as they could easily be removed and attached to its user during battle. The colour of the lanyard would often be a status of regimental affiliation, allowing French soldiers to determine their soldiers military ranking.

Where did the name come from?

The name lanyard comes from the French word ‘lanière’, which translates to strap in English. It got its name from being used a strap-like accessories during the 15th century, so soldiers could draw their weapons at a faster rate during battle.

What was the lanyards first purpose?

The lanyards very first use was for military services in the 15th century, utilised by the French. Their first purpose was to keep weapons close to their hand, without actually holding the weapon, making climbing, running, and moving easier during battle.

Use of lanyards today and how have they changed over time?

Over time, the lanyard has adapted to different uses and is no longer used to assist soldiers with their weaponry during battle. However, they do still have military uses, but those uses are also seen in most modern-day environments, such as attaching keys, ID Cards, and badges to them.

Lanyards, as of recent years, have become more decorative and customisable with different patterns, colours, and words. They have many different uses across various different business sectors, such as security, healthcare and within education, like schools and colleges.

Today, there are also many different types of lanyards and materials available, if you’re interested in reading further about the types of lanyards, or the uses of a lanyard, then click here.

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The lanyard has come a long way from militia use in 15th Century France, to round the necks of the general population. If you’re interesting in finding more about lanyards, using our custom lanyard design tool or need something else, please get in touch with our friendly team today and we’ll be happy to help!

What Is A Lanyard?

How can I use a lanyard?

You may find yourself asking what is a lanyard? A lanyard is made up of straps of material which are joined together most commonly with a safety break so it can usually go around the neck and hold something by the attachment at the end. The attachment could be an ID card, a whistle or some attachable hand sanitiser, if you’re interested in reading more about the uses of a lanyard, click here.

Lanyard materials

Lanyards can be made from different materials and here are some examples:

  • Nylon,
  • Cotton,
  • Soft satin,
  • Tubular
  • Polyester
  • Flat polyester

With all these different materials, lanyards are able to be designed specifically to fit different business sectors, but how do you know which lanyard material is the best to use for its purpose? Click here for further reading about the different types of lanyards.

Some materials, although they are strong and can be good value, can tend to print detailed text, images or backgrounds badly like tubular polyester and flat polyester lanyards and some materials although they are comfortable to wear because they have a smooth or glossy texture can have an impact on pollution such as nylon or isn't as water resistant as needed for its intended purpose like cotton and soft satin, so it will be difficult to take care of to maintain its fresh new look.

At We Print Lanyards, we used recycled PET fabric, and this is strong smooth flat polyester made from plastic bottles which reduces the amount of plastic waste in the environment. Our lanyards are machine washable at 60 degrees meaning they can be reused and remain hygienic after wearing and keeps its fresh new look. If you want to find out more about our lanyards or the impact on the environment, you can find out more below.

What accessories can lanyards have?

Something you might not have known is that lanyards used to hold weapons closer to French soldiers during the 15th century, however their purpose has since drastically changed. Nowadays, lanyards can hold much simpler things, such as ID cards, name badges and other accessories that can help with your work or other purposes.

Benefits of a Lanyard

Lanyards hold numerous benefits as they are very versatile pieces of equipment that are useful in various different business sectors, some of the benefits of lanyards consist of:

  • Easy way to display ID
  • Customizable to your business
  • Available to buy in bulk at great prices
  • Durable and long-lasting pieces of equipment
  • Easy to wear and remove

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It continues! We Print Lanyards received the Feefo Platinum Trusted Service award for 2022! We have continued providing our customers the excellent service they deserve when they shop with us.

Since 2014, Feefo has recognised the businesses who deliver exceptional experiences, using feedback from real customers. The Trusted Service Awards are unique as they are based purely on feedback from real customers. This means they are a true reflection of commitment to outstanding customer service.

 Feefo have given Platinum Trusted Service awards to businesses who have achieved Gold standard for three consecutive years. To receive a Gold Trusted Service award, businesses must have collected at least 50 reviews with a Feefo service rating of between 4.5 and 4.9 between 1st January 2020 and 31st December 2021.

This award means even more following another difficult year. Online interactions have soared since the start of coronavirus. People are now 40% more likely to leave feedback after a purchase. This has made it very difficult for many businesses who struggled to respond effectively. 43% of people now believe that companies have become less effective at dealing with negative feedback in the last year.

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