Lanyards for events: improve your corporate gathering security

Any event that you might be planning these days will need to have lanyards for all of the guests that welcome. This is not just to serve as an ice breaker, but they can also be a very effective security tool, ensuring everyone is protected at in the right place at all times. In this article, we take a look at how to keep your corporate event safe and how lanyards can help you to do this.

Security at events

When you are planning an event, the safety of your visitors and staff needs to be of paramount importance. You might only be welcoming a small number of guests, or there could be thousands of people about to descend on you from all over the world, but each one is just as important from a safety point of view.

As you plan each aspect of your event, you should do so with security in mind. You need to think about how you decide who can attend, how you check the eligibility of guests and how you check who they are when they arrive on site. Your event security plan should outline what security measures need to be put into place and who you will need to oversee this.

Not only will you need to decide who can gain access to your event, you also need to decide where they can go once, they are there. Outline which areas are only accessible to staff, and whether you have different areas for different guests, such as VIP sections. You then need to plan how this will be managed and over seen.

Event entry

One of the most obvious ways to make use of lanyards from a security perspective is in terms of who can gain entry to the event. You can issue lanyards to those who are invited or have tickets, giving you the ability to screen who is present. It also means that if anyone is not wearing a lanyard, they can be challenged as to whether they are supposed to be there.

For those who may need to leave the event and come back to it later, an event lanyard can be a quick and easy way to get through security checks, ensuring there is less hassle and inconvenience for everyone.

Card carriers

A lanyard can serve many different purposes, and one of them is to hold certain cards. These could be identity cards with photographs to make it easier to check that they belong to the right people. They can also contain security chips to allow controlled access through particular gates or doors. They can also be designed to hold things such as pre-paid cards for purchases on site, so that guests do not have to worry about losing money or credit cards while they are there.

Special access

There may be certain parts of your event that you want to restrict access to, but this is not always easy to manage. You might have areas that people have paid extra for, or ones for people of certain seniority or status. Lanyards can easily be colour coded so that you can tell at a glance which areas someone should have access to and can prevent anyone from being anywhere that they shouldn’t.


It is said that prevention is better than cure, and this is certainly the case when it comes to security, which is often best placed as a deterrent. It means that ensuring certain elements of your security are visible to everyone will help to make those who might cause trouble thin twice about doing so. Whilst you might assume that security guards and CCTV cameras are the most obvious methods of visible security, you will actually find that your lanyards are a huge part of this too.

When everyone in the event is wearing a specially designed lanyard that gives them approved levels of access and makes them and their movements easily identifiable, it will make anyone else stand out from the crowd.

Those who do not have the best of intentions are more likely to be put off from causing harm when they know that they can be identified. With colour coded lanyards for accessibility purposes, it is also easy to see someone who is out of place, and they will know that they are about to stand out for all the wrong reasons.


Security measures can be very expensive, especially when you combine the cost of technology and human intervention. This can make organisers of small events tempted to skip certain things simply because their budget will not stretch to having security guards on the gate or cameras scanning the event. However, custom lanyards are a relatively low-cost option, even when they have been personalised.

They can fit in with most budgets and can act as an effective marketing tool at the same time, so can actually work to make you money.


You always hope that there will not be an emergency during your event, but you need to have a plan in case there is. This means organising how you will evacuate an event and how you will account for everyone. Lanyards can help with this, as they can help you keep track of how many people are on site and where they should be.

It also means that staff, organisers, security and guests can be easily identifiable, so that people can access they help that they need quickly and easily, such as looking for a first aider. Lanyards can also include emergency instructions and phone numbers so that people have something to refer to that will be with them at all times.

Security at any event can be a costly and difficult thing to manage, and so staff lanyards can play their own useful role in this. Acting as identity tools, restricting access, keeping personal possessions safe and forming part of your preventative security measures are just some of the roles that they can perform, all within even the smallest of security budgets.

Get lanyards for your event

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