Custom Lanyard Designer

Design and make your own custom lanyards using our lanyard designer! Simply start by adding a design, choosing the quantity and the width of your lanyards and clicking design.

All of our lanyards are printed double-sided on a satin-smooth, yet tough recycled PET fabric (made from recycled plastic bottles). The dye-sublimation process we use creates a vibrant, clear print giving you the freedom of adding colour, text, logos, and images to your design. Each lanyard comes with a metal trigger clip on the front and a single safety break on the back as standard.

If you have any questions before ordering you can refer to our FAQs , alternatively you can contact our friendly sales team to help you with your order.

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Design Your Own Lanyard

Designing a custom lanyard is a great choice for businesses as it allows you to build your brand awareness in a simple and cost effective way. Good experiences with staff members wearing a branded lanyard can help to reinforce that branding without anyone knowing that it is happening, which is especially useful during networking events.

Branded lanyards can also help improve the security of your business by making it easy to tell if someone has authorisation to be on the premises or not. Wearing a branded lanyard makes it much more likely that you are a genuine employee, and further colour coding can even help to narrow down individual departments or security clearances.

Why Choose Us for Custom Lanyards?

Our wide variety of customisation options sets us apart from our competitors, allowing you as the customer to completely transfer your product from mind to design. Our ID cards are produced at the highest quality to meet your daily needs, whether it be within your SME or larger businesses.

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