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Charity Lanyards & Wristbands

When working for a charity, quickly building trust with members of the public is key. With a short window to engage with a person, visual cues confirming the legitimacy of someone working for a charity is a game changer. ID cards, lanyards, badges and passes, all displaying the charity’s logos and branding, are all effective means of relaying that reassuring authenticity to members of the public. Alongside this, it is also a legal requirement for cash collection fundraisers to wear ID badges and they must be visible from a distance and what better way to ensure your charity ID cards are visible and secure than wearing them on a printed lanyard around your neck? A printed charity lanyard offers an ideal opportunity to visually introduce your charity logo and slogan without saying a word and helps to promote trust.

Charity Wristbands

Members of the public like to show their support for a charity or good cause and spread the word about the charity in any way they can. For years, pin badges, wristbands and charity bracelets have been sold as fundraising merchandise. They are a fantastic low-cost method of raising funds whilst giving your charity supporters a product that they will be proud to wear. Printed charity wristbands and lanyards can feature your organisations logo or contact details as a way of promoting the services your charity offers.