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We are encouraged now more than ever to be kinder to the environment by being greener and following Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We are encouraged to reduce waste and reduce our carbon footprint, reuse products and buy sustainable items such as clothing and accessories and recycle materials so it can reduce waste and the materials can be reused.

One way to help to reduce our carbon footprint and CO2, is to reduce the air freight footprint. Air freighted goods arriving in to the UK are not being taxed, even when the UK’s air freight industry adds approximately 903g of CO2 of goods per tonne per km. On average, the UK has 5,485 tonnes of air freighted goods daily which generates 495,335 tonnes of CO2 per 100km of travel per day!

Not all goods should be taxed, like essentials including food, pharmaceutical and medical equipment but the introduction of an Air Freight Duty Tax on imported goods will encourage an increase of UK manufacturing and an increase of job opportunities. We also believe individual items under 5kg should not be subject to the tax.

We Print Lanyards is one of only a few lanyard manufacturers who are based in the UK where we print and produce all of our lanyards, ribbon, wristbands, ID cards and name badges. Our lanyards, ribbon and wristbands are made from recycled PET plastic which is a sustainable material and helps to reduce plastic waste and we also print our ID cards onto bio-degradable PVC plastic which allows the material to be broken down quicker when it is in a natural environment.

Find out more about our impact and lanyards here or click to here view our letter to UK ministers regarding #AirFreightFootprint.

Our carbon footprint

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