Lanyards for Businesses

If your business requires staff and visitors to wear some sort of identification whilst on the premises, having ID cards or access management systems in place is pretty much the norm these days. We also understand how important your corporate branding is and our lanyards for businesses are perfect for attaching ID cards, badge holders, hand sanitiser or pretty much anything else you choose.

Our easy-to-use custom lanyard designer enables you to use your exact corporate colours and logo as well as adding any other personalisation you require.

Stock Business Lanyards

Sometimes, the simplest option is the best one. We have an ever-expanding range of stock lanyards for your business. We hold stock lanyards for Staff, Visitors, Contractors and many more so we pretty much have you covered in that respect. Our stock lanyards come in a range of colours so you can order a different colour for each one if you desire.

Of course, if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for then try out our lanyard designer for something a bit more personalised.

Personalised ID Cards

Why stop at your lanyards? Our online ID card creator is perfect for creating your custom ID cards. Use our online ID Card design tool to upload your logo, photo, and text for each card. Then, choose one of our pre-set backgrounds or simply design your own. Your ID Card design can be approved within minutes, then simply checkout and we will print your design onto our high-quality PVC ID cards and deliver them straight to your door.

If you have a large volume of cards that you would like to create and you would like to upload multiple personnel details using a CSV file, please consider using our data importer. Simply design your card, add the fields you would like to import data into, then follow our simple steps to import your data.

Attachable Hand Sanitisers

Our range of attachable hand sanitiser bottles was created off the back of the current need for people to be washing and sanitising their hands more regularly. Although sanitising stations are readily available in your line of work, having it available immediately to hand is a convenient and safer option. With this in mind, we have developed an attachable hand sanitiser bottle that clips to your lanyard, meaning you can sanitise your hands wherever you are. Weighing only as much as a tennis ball when filled, our bottles are easily clipped to your lanyard using the included carabiner, leaving the trigger clip free to attach an ID card or card holder as well.


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