Could Lanyards Be Your Solution to School Security?

There are very few places where security is more important than it is in and around schools. Aside from education, safety is one of the biggest priorities for most schools, and it is vital that they are able to implement effective security measures that work within those tight school budgets in order to keep both students and staff safe whilst they are there.

When reviewing security in school, you might want to consider the use of personalised school lanyards, as they are one thing which can actually play a large part in school security.

The Benefits of School Lanyards

School lanyards offer a practical and inexpensive way to identify unauthorised personnel and to ensure that the right people are on hand for children and students when they need them.

There are many benefits of school lanyards as they are a versatile tool that can have a lot of different uses and are simple enough for everyone to be able to use. So, how can lanyards offer a versatile solution to school security issues?

Identifying Staff and Students

A lanyard is most commonly used to carry some form of identity, which makes it an important tool in ensuring that only the right people have access to the school site. Lanyards can be issued to both staff and students, making them a quick and easy way to identify who each person is and whether they should be where they are as they are always on display.

Not only can a lanyard help people to spot who should be in the school, it can also show whether they are in the right areas. Lanyards can come in a variety of bright and eye-catching colours which can be used to tell people apart. It is common to have different coloured lanyards for teachers, staff, students, visitors, governors and tradespeople, proving that staff within schools should wear lanyards to help with identification purposes.

In addition to this, lanyards can also help to identify important personnel such as those who are trained in first aid or Special Educational Needs to ensure that the right help can be given to someone quickly and effectively. Schools can be big organisations and it is not always possible to recognise every face, so this colour coding can help to quickly tell people apart and ensure that they are where they are supposed to be.

Lanyards are great to use within a school, but they can also be a great tool outside of it. Any teacher will know how difficult it can be to keep track of those who are in their care during a school trip, but wearing a lanyard can make everyone easily identifiable by staff from the school, and by other officials should a child get lost during the outing.

Access Control

One of the big issues in schools is how to control who comes and goes, and lanyards can play a big part in this. Lanyards are typically used to carry ID cards, but they can also carry access cards or key fobs, meaning that they can form part of an access control system and showing a great reason as to why schools should wear lanyards.

As a lanyard is worn every day and not taken off, staff members do not need to worry about carrying around large bunches of keys, and only the right authorised people can enter certain areas, such as staff rooms and offices.

Keeping access control items or identity cards on a lanyard also mean that they are easy to use and verify, which is particularly useful in the case of an emergency. There is no requirement to search the bottom of bags or pockets to find your card as it will always be accessible and allow people to get where they need to be quickly and easily.

Monitoring Attendance

Lanyards can also play a part in monitoring attendance within the school. If each student or staff member is required to sign in using a card that they must swipe or scan, an electronic record is kept showing when they were in school, what time they arrived and when they left.

This means that it is possible to track attendance issues of either employees or students and have an immediate record of who is on the premises if an emergency occurs. It also gives staff a method of looking up whether a child is in school if they ae not in the right place.

Promoting security and safety

Schools want everyone to feel that they are in a safe space, and many measures may go unseen. Using lanyards as part of your school security helps to reinforce a culture of security within the school. It shows that the welfare of everyone there is cared about and taken seriously, which can help to foster a healthy attitude for everyone in attendance.

Lanyards can also act as a deterrent to those who do not have the best of intentions. As they are so visible, they can show the outside world that you have security measures in place that they are unlikely to get the better of, hopefully making them think twice about their actions. They can also act as a daily reminder to both staff and students of their own responsibilities to prioritise safety within the school and encourage a safe and positive environment.

Providing lanyards for colleges and school, that are both practical but also attractive can help to build a sense of pride and community within the school thanks to the ability to add school branding and logos and can help with keeping things more organised. All of this combines to give both staff and students peace of mind, and allows them to focus on education, fun and support.

Security should be a huge priority for any school, but it can be hard to know what measures to take. Lanyards are a simple solution which provide a lot of answers whilst being easy to implement. They can control who is in the building and make each person easier to identify, creating a much safer environment.

Whilst lanyards are not the only solution that is available, they can form part of a comprehensive security system to ensure that everyone can attend school safely and, in a stress, and hassle-free way.

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