Could Lanyards Be Your Solution to School Security?

There are very few places where security is more important than it is in and around schools. Aside from education, safety is one of the biggest priorities for most schools, and it is vital that they are able to implement effective security measures that work within those tight school budgets in order to keep both students and staff safe whilst they are there.

When reviewing security in school, you might want to consider the use of personalised school lanyards, as they are one thing which can actually play a large part in school security.

The Benefits of School Lanyards

School lanyards offer a practical and inexpensive way to identify unauthorised personnel and to ensure that the right people are on hand for children and students when they need them.

There are many benefits of school lanyards as they are a versatile tool that can have a lot of different uses and are simple enough for everyone to be able to use. So, how can lanyards offer a versatile solution to school security issues?

Identifying Staff and Students

A lanyard is most commonly used to carry some form of identity, which makes it an important tool in ensuring that only the right people have access to the school site. Lanyards can be issued to both staff and students, making them a quick and easy way to identify who each person is and whether they should be where they are as they are always on display.

Not only can a lanyard help people to spot who should be in the school, it can also show whether they are in the right areas. Lanyards can come in a variety of bright and eye-catching colours which can be used to tell people apart. It is common to have different coloured lanyards for teachers, staff, students, visitors, governors and tradespeople, proving that staff within schools should wear lanyards to help with identification purposes.

In addition to this, lanyards can also help to identify important personnel such as those who are trained in first aid or Special Educational Needs to ensure that the right help can be given to someone quickly and effectively. Schools can be big organisations and it is not always possible to recognise every face, so this colour coding can help to quickly tell people apart and ensure that they are where they are supposed to be.

Lanyards are great to use within a school, but they can also be a great tool outside of it. Any teacher will know how difficult it can be to keep track of those who are in their care during a school trip, but wearing a lanyard can make everyone easily identifiable by staff from the school, and by other officials should a child get lost during the outing.

Access Control

One of the big issues in schools is how to control who comes and goes, and lanyards can play a big part in this. Lanyards are typically used to carry ID cards, but they can also carry access cards or key fobs, meaning that they can form part of an access control system and showing a great reason as to why schools should wear lanyards.

As a lanyard is worn every day and not taken off, staff members do not need to worry about carrying around large bunches of keys, and only the right authorised people can enter certain areas, such as staff rooms and offices.

Keeping access control items or identity cards on a lanyard also mean that they are easy to use and verify, which is particularly useful in the case of an emergency. There is no requirement to search the bottom of bags or pockets to find your card as it will always be accessible and allow people to get where they need to be quickly and easily.

Monitoring Attendance

Lanyards can also play a part in monitoring attendance within the school. If each student or staff member is required to sign in using a card that they must swipe or scan, an electronic record is kept showing when they were in school, what time they arrived and when they left.

This means that it is possible to track attendance issues of either employees or students and have an immediate record of who is on the premises if an emergency occurs. It also gives staff a method of looking up whether a child is in school if they ae not in the right place.

Promoting security and safety

Schools want everyone to feel that they are in a safe space, and many measures may go unseen. Using lanyards as part of your school security helps to reinforce a culture of security within the school. It shows that the welfare of everyone there is cared about and taken seriously, which can help to foster a healthy attitude for everyone in attendance.

Lanyards can also act as a deterrent to those who do not have the best of intentions. As they are so visible, they can show the outside world that you have security measures in place that they are unlikely to get the better of, hopefully making them think twice about their actions. They can also act as a daily reminder to both staff and students of their own responsibilities to prioritise safety within the school and encourage a safe and positive environment.

Providing lanyards for colleges and school, that are both practical but also attractive can help to build a sense of pride and community within the school thanks to the ability to add school branding and logos and can help with keeping things more organised. All of this combines to give both staff and students peace of mind, and allows them to focus on education, fun and support.

Security should be a huge priority for any school, but it can be hard to know what measures to take. Lanyards are a simple solution which provide a lot of answers whilst being easy to implement. They can control who is in the building and make each person easier to identify, creating a much safer environment.

Whilst lanyards are not the only solution that is available, they can form part of a comprehensive security system to ensure that everyone can attend school safely and, in a stress, and hassle-free way.

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Lanyards As a Marketing Tool: Are They Effective?

A lanyard can often be seen as a simple and functional tool, used only to hang something around your neck, but they actually have the potential to be so much more than this. It has been found that lanyards can form a significant part of a marketing strategy, making them a very useful tool in more ways than one.

It can not only be used to form part of your branding, but it can also create a sense of identity, spread a message or just promote your website. As they are something that will probably have a great many eyes on them and are fully customisable, it is no surprise that the lanyard is becoming a popular feature within so many businesses.

In this article, we take a look at how lanyards can be used in your marketing. This includes what their benefits might be, the different places and events where you can use them and how you can use them to greatest effect in your business.


When you look at most marketing initiatives, the cost can start to mount up at an alarming rate, which can sometimes limit how much you are able to achieve. Lanyards have become important as a marketing tool because they are not only effective but can cost far less than many other alternatives.

You can have the option to fully customise them, ensuring that they convey whatever message you need them to, and all for a fraction of the cost and a much greater reach than many other techniques can offer. This means that they can prove to be effective for any business, from the biggest to the smallest, as the cost of producing them is far less prohibitive than other marketing mediums.

The greatest reach

When you devise a marketing strategy, one of the key things that you need to look at is how many people are likely to see it. You will always want to maximise the number of eyes that fall on whatever it is that you are doing, and it can be hard to find ways to get your business seen by the greatest number of people.

Lanyards are extremely popular as a marketing tool because the reach that they have is so fantastic. When you consider that everyone who works in your business, or every visitor to it needs a lanyard, then you can start to imagine how far your message will spread.

They are likely to wear them when they pop out to get lunch, they will be seen lying around at home and they are probably still around necks on the school run. This means that they can be exposed to a massive number of people, and awareness of your business can be spread constantly in a far more effective way than other more traditional methods.

No restrictions

Sometimes a marketing strategy might fail, or its reach might be compromised because it is only accessible to certain sectors of society.

A lanyard is something which can be worn by just about anyone, and because people CAN wear them, it means that they probably WILL wear them. Even as an identification badge, they are easier to wear, less likely to finish up at the bottom of the washing machine and more difficult to forget. There is nothing fiddly or complicated about them, and there is no necessary technology that could prevent some people from using them.

By having a marketing tool which is universal, your message is likely to be spread much further, and you can reach a whole new audience.

Variety of uses

One of the great things about lanyards is that they can have a great number of uses. For your employees, they might be an identification badge, or they might hold keys, fobs or door passes, but you can also make them useful for other people.

Lanyards are things which can be handed out to guests and trade shows or events or even charity functions, and if you make them useful, more people might wear them. A lanyard can be made to carry all sorts of things, so add an attachment that might make it easier to carry round hand sanitiser, torches, mirrors or anything else that could be useful, and visitors will not only wear them in the moment, but at other times as well.


One reason why lanyards now figure in so many marketing campaigns is because they are fully customisable, meaning that you can make them fit any message. You can choose not only the colour of the lanyard but also the length of it and the material that it is made from in order to fully fit in with your brand and how you want the lanyard to be used.

There is a lot of space available on a lanyard, which means that you can not only include a company logo, but also a slogan, web address or message that both the wearer and the people around them will be able to see. You might choose to have all of your lanyards made in your company colours, or you might want to produce different colours during an event to designate different roles.

You can also choose what the lanyard will hold and customise that too, meaning that there is no end to the marketing options that are on offer.

Unlike other customisable marketing tools, lanyards can be designed and produced in a relatively short amount of time, meaning that they do not need months or years of planning to make them successful and effective.

You only have to look around any public space to see how many lanyards are now being worn these days. Whether they are employees, students or visitors to an event, most people have a had a lanyard around their neck at one time or another and this wide-reaching close contact should not be overlooked. After all, something as small as a lanyard could prove to be something quite significant when it comes to promoting your business.

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How can charity lanyards help raise money & awareness?

Charitable causes rely on raising funds and awareness to make a positive impact. Charity lanyards play a vital role in achieving these goals by serving as powerful tools for both fundraising and raising public consciousness. This article will explore how charity lanyards can effectively contribute to the success of charitable endeavours. 

Merchandise sales 

The sale of charity lanyards as merchandise not only generates valuable revenue but also acts as a vehicle for spreading the message. As individuals wear these lanyards in their daily lives, whether it's at work, school or social events, they become walking advertisements for the cause. Passers-by, colleagues and friends notice the distinctive lanyards and are prompted to inquire about the cause they represent, sparking conversations and raising awareness. 

Furthermore, the customizability of charity lanyards allows organisations to align the design with the cause's specific goals and values. Logos, slogans or symbols that resonate with supporters can be prominently displayed on the lanyards, creating a sense of identity and unity among those who wear them. This visual representation helps foster a stronger connection to the cause and encourages others to learn more and get involved. 

Event identification 

Lanyards play a crucial role in event identification at fundraising events, creating a sense of unity among attendees while also raising awareness in public spaces. By providing participants with branded lanyards featuring the charity's logo or event-specific designs organisers can easily identify individuals associated with the cause. This not only enhances the overall event experience but also fosters a feeling of camaraderie and belonging among attendees. 

The visibility of lanyards in public spaces is another significant advantage. As event participants wear their lanyards, they become walking ambassadors for the cause, attracting the attention of others. Passers-by, curious about the eye-catching lanyards, are likely to inquire about the event and the charitable cause it supports. This interaction serves as a valuable opportunity to educate the public about the cause and create awareness. 

Moreover, lanyards help event organisers maintain security and streamline operations. By distinguishing participants through the use of unique lanyard designs or colours, it becomes easier to identify authorised individuals and ensure smooth event management. The identification aspect also adds a professional touch to the event, making attendees feel valued and acknowledged for their support. 

Volunteer identification 

Volunteer identification through distinct lanyards is a powerful way to enhance professionalism, foster unity and increase awareness for charitable causes. By providing volunteers with unique lanyards organisations not only differentiate them from event attendees but also create a sense of pride and belonging among these dedicated individuals. 

The distinct lanyards worn by volunteers serve as a visual cue, signifying their role and commitment to the cause. This identification instils a sense of professionalism and helps event organisers and attendees easily recognize and approach volunteers for assistance or information. Moreover, it allows volunteers to feel valued and appreciated for their crucial contributions. 

In addition, the visibility of volunteers wearing their distinct lanyards creates a sense of unity and solidarity. It showcases the collective effort behind the charitable cause and encourages others to get involved. When people see volunteers confidently wearing their lanyards, it inspires them to consider contributing their time or resources to support the cause as well. 

Donor appreciation

Donor appreciation is a key aspect of building strong relationships and fostering ongoing support for charitable causes. Custom lanyards offer a unique way to express gratitude and engage donors while also spreading awareness through their networks. 

By creating custom lanyards specifically designed for donors, charities can show their appreciation in a tangible and meaningful manner. These lanyards can be personalised with special branding, messages or symbols that signify their significant contribution to the cause. The act of gifting a custom lanyard serves as a physical reminder of the donor's impact and their vital role in furthering the mission of the organisation. 

Encouraging donors to wear the lanyards proudly creates a sense of honour and recognition. Donors become ambassadors, showcasing their support for the cause wherever they go. As they wear the lanyards in public settings, attend events or engage in community activities, they naturally spark conversations and draw attention to the charitable organisation. This word-of-mouth promotion and visible display of support extend the reach of the cause, reaching new individuals who may be inspired to get involved or make their own contributions. 

Furthermore, when donors wear their custom lanyards within their personal and professional networks, they amplify awareness and influence others to learn about and support the cause. Their networks become exposed to the charity's message, inspiring conversations and potentially expanding the donor base. 

Corporate partnerships

Corporate partnerships provide valuable opportunities for charities to raise money and awareness through co-branded lanyards. Collaborating with businesses allows charities to tap into their resources, networks and customer base. Creating co-branded lanyards, featuring both the charity's logo and the company's branding showcases a shared commitment to social responsibility. These lanyards can be distributed to employees and customers or included in promotional campaigns. 

The partnership not only demonstrates the company's dedication to making a positive impact but also provides the charity with access to a broader audience. Through the widespread use of co-branded lanyards, both the charity and the corporate partner can amplify their message, increase visibility and raise awareness for the cause among the company's stakeholders and customer base. This collaboration helps forge stronger relationships, fosters a sense of community and ultimately generates support for the charitable cause. 

Awareness campaigns 

Awareness campaigns can leverage the power of cause-specific lanyards to effectively raise public consciousness. By designing lanyards that incorporate colours, symbols or messages directly related to the cause organisations can visually communicate their mission and objectives. 

When supporters wear these lanyards in public spaces, they become catalysts for sparking conversations and piquing curiosity. Passers-by are naturally drawn to the unique lanyard designs, leading to inquiries about the cause. 

This engagement not only raises awareness but also provides an opportunity to educate others and encourage their involvement. Cause-specific lanyards function as powerful visual cues, imprinting the cause in the minds of individuals and inspiring them to learn more, act or contribute to the cause.

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Which accessory do you need with your lanyard?

Lanyards are now becoming a common sight in many businesses, organisations, and events as they have a great number of uses. They might seem quite simple, but the accessories that go with them can make them incredibly versatile, meaning that they will work extremely well in almost any setting.

What is the lanyard for?

What might seem like a decorative piece of fabric around your neck can have many different purposes. Whether it is for holding your identification or the tools for your job, a lanyard can help to reinforce corporate identity whilst performing a number of other tasks. That is why most lanyards now have a variety of accessories to go with them, ensuring that they are useful wherever you are. If you're interested in finding out more about the uses of a lanyard, check out our expert written guide here.

What to put on a lanyard

There are numerous accessories which can be attached to your lanyard, as lanyards are extremely versatile tools. Things to put on a lanyard can often depend on your line of work and business sector, for example teachers might want to attach USB sticks for holding work, whereas individuals working in healthcare might want to attach sanitisers to regularly sanitise hands. Read on to find out more about what to put on a lanyard.

ID Cards

The most frequent accessory that you might see attached to a lanyard is an ID card. This can help to identify the wearer and ensure that they are where they are supposed to be. These lanyard ID cards can show what department someone works in or what role they might hold. They can also be used as access cards for secure doors and gates or determine someone’s status, such as being a VIP, at an event.

Name badges

Name badges have been a feature of many businesses for a long time, but they are not always a practical choice. The pins and clips involved means that they can damage clothing or be easily pulled off and lost. Using a lanyard to carry a name badge means that you can still display the names and positions of your employees clearly, but in a much more practical way.


USB lanyard accessories are also proving to be incredibly popular. These are lanyards which have a USB drive incorporated into them through a special clip. Once this clip is pulled apart, the USB is released and ready to be used. This can be extremely useful in settings such as schools and colleges as teachers who are required to move from one classroom to another can still have all of their documents and presentations kept close to them without having to search at the bottom of bags.


There are a range of different clips that can be added to your lanyards to carry all sorts of useful items. In healthcare settings, lanyards can now be seen with their own bottles of sanitiser attached to them. In a place where someone will need to sanitise their hands frequently, it can save a lot of time and help to maintain the highest hygiene standards if everyone has their own sanitiser close to them at all times.


Keys can also be attached to a lanyard, to help make sure you can get where you need to go without wondering where you left them. This can also help in matters of security as there is much less chance of keys being lost, stolen, or left lying around for others to get their hands on.

Why attach accessories to your lanyard?

Adding accessories to your lanyards can make a lot of practical sense. Having the things which are important close to you at all times makes you more efficient, saves time and helps to keep everyone and everything much more secure. The versatility of lanyards accessories means you can choose what works best for your staff and your business.

Lanyards have always had a purpose, but with the right accessories they can now become multi-function tools that are essential to the smooth running of your business or organisation and can play a huge part in the safety and security of staff and visitors.

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What Are The Different Types Of Lanyards?

Lanyards are a very versatile tool that can be used in multiple business sectors, for various reasons. Lanyards have been used for many years, for reasons such as security, identification, and safety, but what are the different types of lanyards?

What is a lanyard?

Lanyards have many uses and can appear differently in a variety of business sectors, but a lanyard is typically made of material straps that are most frequently connected by a safety break, allowing it to go around the neck and hold objects by the connection at the end.

If you’d like to read more about what a lanyard is, then click here for further reading.

When we refer to the types of lanyards, we mean the print style, how the design is laid out on the material and how it will be displayed to others.

Our common types of lanyards are Type A, Type C and Type E.

Type A is a running repeat of a design which could be cut off where the material meets the attachment like the trigger clip and the safety breakaway whereas Type E will have the design such as the logo, matched up in positions.

There are different varieties of a Type C lanyard like online having the design only printed on one side, but more details can be found in our guide.

Screen Printed Lanyard

A screen-printed lanyard is the perfect bulk buy option if you’re looking to promote your business too. Screen printed lanyards are lanyards that can be customised through screen printing, so you can print your business logo, or other designs on to them to mold the lanyard into your own.

Screen printed lanyards are extremely durable, therefore a great option that you should consider for your business, school, or premises. This lanyard can be customised in various colours and designs too, and are usually fitted with a safety breakaway, so its it can sit comfortably around your neck.

Custom Lanyard/Personalised Lanyard

A custom lanyard is commonly designed by users to fit whatever they may require them for, whether it be for healthcare, schools or security. Custom lanyards can feature many different designs, colours and sizes to suit their owner’s needs.

Personalised lanyards are very popular in many business sectors, mainly due to their versatility and various customisable options, including patters that can also suit seasonal events, such as Christmas and Easter.

Woven Lanyard

Woven lanyards are quite different to the previous lanyards, as the woven lanyard features a design that is directly sown into the lanyard. The designs on this lanyard are much more durable as they not printed on, but physically apart of the lanyard.

This lanyard is typically more expensive to make, however is much more durable and long-lasting. This lanyard would therefore be suitable for business sectors that require you to wear lanyards consistently and actively.

Non – Breakaway Lanyard

A non-breakaway lanyard is a lanyard that looks similar to rope, without the clip that allows the lanyard to separate. This lanyard allows a cleaner look and allows extra canvas for designs and text.

Non-breakaway lanyards are effective for business sectors that require a lot of movement, as there is no risk of the lanyard becoming loose and disconnecting, therefore it will be very hard to loose and only if misplaced.

Breakaway Lanyard

The breakaway lanyard is very similar to the non-breakaway lanyard, however, features a breakaway which allows the lanyard to be separated and become undone.

The breakaway lanyard is easier to remove and can be more accessible due to the breakaway clip, however, could become lose and fall of your person which could potentially affect your job and accessibility to certain areas of the workplace.

What materials can be used to make Lanyards?

There are many materials that can be used to make lanyards, which each hold benefits as well as drawbacks. Some of the different types of materials that can be used to make lanyards are as follows:

  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Nylon
  • Recycled Materials (Bottles and Containers)
  • Silicone
  • Fabric

Each different lanyard material may vary in durability, creativity and usability; however, every material can ensure that your lanyard serves its purpose efficiently.

What lanyard should I choose?

When it comes to choosing which lanyard is perfect for you, your workplace or business, it completely depends on your sector of work. Some lanyards can be more efficient in certain areas of work, whereas some may not which could influence your decision towards selecting the perfect type of lanyard.

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What are Lanyards used for?

You might commonly see a lanyard on students or visitors for identification purposes or to keep small belongings close by, but a lanyard has many uses for many different sectors, which could leave yourself asking ‘what is a lanyard used for?’ Lanyards can be plain, pre-printed or personalised which can help to maintain branding or just show off your own personal style. We will go through some of the many uses of a lanyard and the sectors they could be used in where some might surprise you.

Staff, Student and Visitors

As previously mentioned, lanyards can be used by students and visitors as well as staff for identification purposes because they will be able to access buildings at all times and provide proof on who they are since their identification will be attached and always accessible with the use of a lanyard, providing a great example of what lanyards are used for.

Conference, Event and Festivals

In a conference, event or festival environment it can be easy to lose belongings because attendees are always "on-the go" so they use lanyards to keep important belongings like keys and tools such as small light torches. Lanyards can also be issued by organisers to give attendees access to areas which can make it feel more exclusive as well as promoting the business through the use of branded lanyards to increase brand awareness.

Public Services

Public Services such as the military, police and political parties require strict security because of the different levels of access and confidential information involved within the services. Helping to identify the individuals who enter and leave the restricted buildings is a great lanyard use and can help to establish who has a different levels of permissions.

Film and Production

In the film and production industry the use of lanyards helps the crew members quickly gain access to areas and carry useful items which could even be a pen to take notes. The convenience of having items close by in the industry is because it is fast paced and the crew need to adapt to the demands to make sure progress is on track. 

Sports and Coaching

In sports, people such as referees, use lanyards to carry whistles as well as sports coaches because they are rarely in a position where they are settled in one place so they need to carry light items and keep them close by because of their constant use.

Medals and Award Ceremonies

Medals can be a form of specialised lanyard because the award can be attached the end of the straps of material and displays the achievement. Common use of medals are are sporting events from the Olympics to school sports days, so the participants will need to be able to carry what they have achieved with ease and this is the purpose what the lanyard brings.

Volunteering and Fundraising

Volunteers and fundraisers are known to use lanyards to show identification which can help answer questions people may have like which charity organisation they are from or fundraising for. The members of staff can show that they are part of a group raising awareness for a good cause.

Elderly Care

In elderly care, both patients and their carers can use lanyards in their daily lives. Elderly patients can use lanyards to attach alarm systems to since it will be close to hand and this can be used to alert others to an emergency. The carers use lanyards as a form of identification which can help their patients to know who they are because it will remind them with seeing a face next to a name to associate these with a person.

Personal Use

Many people might not consider to have a lanyard for personal use but with the fast-paced environment we all live in today they do become very handy to keep different belongings close to hand. These belongings could be keys, small tools or attachable hand sanitiser and face masks. Personalised lanyards which can be designed on our online designer can be used to show your style and have it suit you! Whether you add an image of a loved one or pet or add a quote that inspires you, the possibilities are endless! 

We have a range of pre-printed lanyards which you can check out below by visiting a different range! Or you can design your lanyard or ID card using or easy-to-use design tool to add a personalised or branded touch to your item!

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