#StopTheSpread On The Go!

It has become very clear that in order to stop the spread of coronavirus, regularly washing your hands and sanitising is key. Most shops and places of work that are still open, tend to have hand sanitiser bottles as you enter. As useful as these are, many people prefer to carry their own sanitiser bottle for ease. This not only is useful whilst out in public places but in some cases are essential for those working on the front line as they will need to sanitise their hands more regularly.

Our range of attachable hand sanitiser bottles are perfect for those needing to stay safe whilst out and about. Simply clip the bottle to one of our lanyards and away you go. Available filled or unfilled, these 50ml sanitiser bottles come with a stylish coloured carabiner clip that attaches directly or to the trigger clip. Clipping directly to the lanyard will leave the trigger clip free to still attach a ID card or ID card holder meaning you don't need to worry about carrying your ID separately. 

Starting at just £1.25 filled or £0.75 empty, the bottles are completely reusable meaning you can fill them again and again.

Click here to buy yours today and stay safe on the go!

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