What Is A Lanyard?

You may find yourself asking what is a lanyard? A lanyard is made up of straps of material which are joined together most commonly with a safety break so it can usually go around the neck and hold something by the attachment at the end. The attachment could be an ID card, a whistle or some attachable hand sanitiser but we'll look more into the uses at a later date. 

Lanyards can be made from different materials and some examples of these are nylon, cotton, soft satin, tubular polyester and flat polyester,  but how do you know which lanyard material is the best to use for its purpose? 

Some materials although they are strong and can be good value can tend to print detailed text, images or backgrounds badly like tubular polyester and flat polyester lanyards and some materials although they are comfortable to wear because they have a smooth or glossy texture can have an impact on pollution such as nylon or isn't as water resistant as needed for it's intended purpose like cotton and soft satin, so it will be difficult to take care of to maintain it's fresh new look.

At We Print Lanyards, we used recycled PET fabric and this is strong smooth flat polyester made from plastic bottles which reduces the amount of plastic waste in the environment. Our lanyards are machine washable at 60 degrees meaning they can be reused and remain hygienic after wearing and keeps it's fresh new look. If you want to find out more about our lanyards or the impact on the environment you can find out more below:

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