Why Is A Lanyard Called A Lanyard?

Ever wondered why a lanyard is called a lanyard? Lanyards have been around for a very long time, where they have served multiple purposes and been used for several different reasons. In this guide, we will run through the origins of the lanyard, and where it got its name.

How were lanyards created?

Lanyards date back a lot further than what you might think, in fact they date back to the 15th century and were originated in France, where they were originally created for combat. During this time period, lanyards were first used in the French military, where they would attach weaponry to soldiers.

Lanyards were easy to use and efficient, as they could easily be removed and attached to its user during battle. The colour of the lanyard would often be a status of regimental affiliation, allowing French soldiers to determine their soldiers military ranking.

Where did the name come from?

The name lanyard comes from the French word ‘lanière’, which translates to strap in English. It got its name from being used a strap-like accessories during the 15th century, so soldiers could draw their weapons at a faster rate during battle.

What was the lanyards first purpose?

The lanyards very first use was for military services in the 15th century, utilised by the French. Their first purpose was to keep weapons close to their hand, without actually holding the weapon, making climbing, running, and moving easier during battle.

Use of lanyards today and how have they changed over time?

Over time, the lanyard has adapted to different uses and is no longer used to assist soldiers with their weaponry during battle. However, they do still have military uses, but those uses are also seen in most modern-day environments, such as attaching keys, ID Cards, and badges to them.

Lanyards, as of recent years, have become more decorative and customisable with different patterns, colours, and words. They have many different uses across various different business sectors, such as security, healthcare and within education, like schools and colleges.

Today, there are also many different types of lanyards and materials available, if you’re interested in reading further about the types of lanyards, or the uses of a lanyard, then click here.

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