Are customisable lanyards suitable for students and the education sector?

When you think about the education sector, you probably picture a school uniform as part of it, and these days, customisable lanyards are becoming a big part of that uniform, both for students and staff. They have a number of practical benefits and play a significant role in the security of a school or college, making them one of the more essential bits of kit that the education sector needs.

School lanyards might seem like something simple, but they can be important, and so in this article, we take a look at the role that they play in an educational setting and examine how suitable they might be within this sector.


When it comes to our children, safety and security is everything, which is why all schools and colleges are taking every measure they can to protect the students and young people within them. Lanyards can play an effective role in this, as they can make it immediately obvious who someone is and whether they are supposed to be there.

Personalised school lanyards mean that anyone walking around must be sporting a lanyard to match, ensuring that they are a student, a member of staff or a checked and verified visitor. Lanyards can even be produced in different colours so that is immediately obvious who is a member of the teaching staff and who are midday supervisors, as well as having different visitors badges for contractors, governors and outside education providers.

When all of these lanyards are issued correctly, it is possible to see at a glance whether someone is meant to be in the school and whereabouts they are supposed to be.

School trips

When taking children on any kind of school trip, it can be incredibly difficult to keep track of them, especially when there are other schools there at the same time. A student lanyard makes it much easier to identify the students from your school even if they are not wearing uniform.

It also means that if any of them do get lost whilst on a trip, it is much easier for anyone in authority to track down who they belong to or get in touch with the school to make sure that they are safely returned to the right people.

School identity

It is important that both the staff and the students feel proud of the school that they are part of if they are going to work as hard as they can. Lanyards are one piece in the puzzle when it comes to creating a school identity that everyone can feel part of and be proud of. It can help to produce a sense of community and can form a lasting memento of their time at the school that they can look back on in years to come.

Access control

Lanyards are great for identity, but they also have a practical use, as they are able to carry important cards and tools. Not only can they help to display identity cards, but they can also contain cards or fobs that give access to certain areas of the school.

This allows the school to control who is allowed in particular places and is much more secure than handing out keys that can be lost or copied. This means that children can be kept out of areas meant just for staff, visitors can be restricted to certain areas of the school, and anyone without the right clearance may not be allowed into sensitive areas.

By carrying these ID cards, safety is improved not just through restriction, but also by ease of access. Cards and fobs are much more easily swiped in an emergency than fumbling through a bunch of keys, and they are always located on a lanyard instead of at the bottom of a handbag.


The customisation of lanyards is not just exclusive to the identity of the school, as it can allow students to express themselves too. They have the opportunity to show off the things that they love and are passionate about, so that they can wear something that they feel reflects a little bit of their personality and who they are.

Breakaway lanyards

Lanyards have taken many steps forward to ensure the safety of the people who are wearing them, which is why breakaway lanyards are perfect for the education sector. These give you all the benefits that a lanyard can bring, but they also have the ability to break away from the neck of the person who is wearing them if they are pulled. This reduces the risk of choking for young children if they were to get them tangled up or pulled by another student.

Important personnel

Schools and colleges are now vast places, and it can be impossible for everyone to know who everyone else is. That can be a problem in an emergency when you might need to be able to quickly identify a first aider or fire warden. Customisable lanyards allow education settings to clearly identify these kinds of important personnel, meaning that it is much easier for staff and students to get help from the right people quickly.

Key tools

We tend to think of lanyards as something that can carry an identity card, but they can provide you with the option to hold other things as well. This means that you can add all sorts of clips and attachments to ensure that people can carry keys, USB drive, phones, pens and even hand sanitiser. This ensures that the essentials are always at hand, and by having them so readily available, the health and safety of the school is improved.

Lanyards for students and teachers play an important role in keeping everyone within a school as safe as possible, but this is not their only role. Having the ability to adapt the colours and text on a lanyard, as well as what it is capable of holding, means that it becomes a key part in the identity of the school as a collective, as well as the young individuals within it.

Personalised Lanyards for Schools

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