Eco-Friendly Lanyards

Environmental lanyards

The need for corporate environmental responsibility

Many people and businesses are becoming more conscious of their impact on the environment. New energy sources, recycling initiatives and manufacturing processes are all helping towards reducing our impact on the environment. However, some of the new ‘Eco-Friendly’ products that we are starting to see come to market may not be as environmentally friendly as the manufacturers would have you believe.

Bamboo lanyards

Have you been bamboozled by Bamboo?

A product that we have seen increasing demand for is Bamboo Lanyards. Bamboo Lanyards are a relatively new product that claims to be more environmentally friendly than their polyester counterparts. Yes, bamboo lanyards are made from a natural sustainable plant source, however the chemical process that occurs to transform the bamboo into a useable fabric diminishes it’s eco-friendly status considerably. Another claim of the bamboo lanyard is that it is biodegradable. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has announced that the bamboo material takes too long to break down after disposal and therefore cannot be classed as biodegradable. Add to this the CO2 emissions required to produce and transport the bamboo lanyards from China to the UK and realistically, they cannot claim to be ‘Eco-friendly’.

Eco Friendly Supplier lanyards

Choose an Eco-Friendly supplier

WePrintLanyards® are a UK manufacturer of recycled lanyards & wristbands based in the East Midlands. Our lanyards & wristbands are produced using a recycled PET fabric as standard. This fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles that would have otherwise entered the many landfill sites around the world. We purchase our recycled PET in such large quantities that we use sea freight in order to get it to the UK. Sea Freight is a much more eco-friendly method of transport per kilo of cargo than air freight.

Many lanyard suppliers in the UK are in fact traders, and do not print or manufacture the lanyards themselves. This means that as soon as they receive the order from you as a customer, they send the artwork to a factory in China who produce the lanyards and then ship the finished product to your trader in the UK by air freight. The trader then despatches the lanyards to you (the customer). As you can see from our info-graph, this whole process actually generates 2.5 times (4.2kg) more CO2 per kilo of lanyards than if you were to order them directly from WePrintLanyards®.

Our recycled fabric, lower CO2 emissions coupled with UK employment standards mean that our printed lanyards are much better for the environment, much better for the local job market and much better for the UK economy as a whole.

Made In Britain lanyards

By purchasing your printed lanyards from WePrintLanyards®

lanyard bullet point You will receive high quality products.
lanyard bullet point Delivery in as little as 3 days.
lanyard bullet point No minimum order quantities.
lanyard bullet point Simple communication with no language barriers.
lanyard bullet point Excellent 5* service as all stages of your order.
lanyard bullet point 61% less CO2 will be used in their production.
lanyard bullet point No customs issues or import duty.
lanyard bullet point No nasty exchange rate surprises.
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