Introducing Ultra-Lanyards

Machine close up

Years of in-house research & development

Here at WePrintLanyards® we are always looking for ways to innovate. One of the benefits of printing and manufacturing our lanyards all within our factory here in the UK, is that we have full control over every aspect of production.

Historically, all of our lanyards were machine stitched by our team of expert machinists. This gave us a quality finished product with strength and durability but limited our production capacity. The R&D team were tasked with developing a new method of bonding the lanyard fabric that could run alongside our machinists and increase our production capacity but not compromise our high standards.

Ultrasonic machine

Machine development

The solution needed to be automated and low cost. Just like a brainwave of sound-waves the solution came to Pete, our chief engineer. Vibration! Ultra-sonic sound waves are used as a way of bonding materials together in the aerospace, automotive and computing industries, why not the lanyard manufacturing process?!

Several years of development by MD Malcolm, Pete and the team has produced a machine that uses high frequency, ultra sonic sound waves to bond the two layers of fabric together. This produces a smooth seam that is almost invisible and very strong. It creates virtually no distortion to the print on the fabric.

What's more, the system is entirely automated. A length of fabric is fed into the machine at one end and a complete lanyard with safety breakaway and trigger clip is produced and delivered by the machine within seconds.

Ultra lanyards

Ultra-sonic sound waves

As far as we know, we are the ONLY lanyard manufacturers world-wide using this technology in this way. Each machine can produce 1,000 lanyards per 8-hour day and we now have 3 machines online with an additional 3 due to come online within the next few months. Our production capacity has increased dramatically and these machines have helped us to keep costs low allowing us to offer our customers the best possible prices.

Please contact our sales team on 0115 860 2255 to place your Ultra-Lanyard order or alternatively design your own lanyard on our website.



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